Grupalia Transitos, is specialized in logistics and international transport, with more than 16 years of experience and presence in over 40 countries on four continents.
Grupalia accumulated a business portfolio of several million euros, from 67% of its international operations.
Diversification of its activity and strong commitment to internationalization are key to the growth strategy in Grupalia Transitos.
The company has a staff formed by workers with great experience in the sector, multilingual, multicultural very proud of it.
Grupalia, operates and manages operations, in countries such as Spain, Peru, Columbia, Panama, USA, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Emirates and in all countries where we are present, we develop a total commitment to customers, customs, as well as the outmost respect to the law.

Germany Peru Saudia Arabia Argelia
Slovakia Colombia China Angola
Portugal Chile Qatar Senegal
Spain Panama India South Africa
UK USA Kuwait Morocco
Italy Brazil Japan Equatorial Guinea
France Mexico Armenia
Russia Canada Oman
Denmark Ecuador
Norway Argentina
Poland Costa Rica